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Data Entry and Management Services for Sports Industry

For sports or games industry, it is very important to collect relevant information timely and organize it accurately with latest updates. At Data Outsourcing India, we help our sports industry based clients to enter, digitize and manage numerous amounts of valuable data competently.

The businesses or online portals that maintain sports related data or games statistics need to have up-to-date information in every minute. Our professionals help you to stay updated with live scores, schedules, & stats feed so that you viewers or customers can see correct and latest figures. We have capabilities to deliver you sports data feeds in any industry-standard format such as CSV, Excel, Access, etc. Furthermore, we can directly work on your online portal or website backend using secured user ID / password.

Our portfolio of data management services for the sports industry includes:

Years of experience and dedicated teams allow us to efficiently build and manage games databases for your business processes. We are adept at handling historical as well as real-time sports data from any type of sources including scanned papers, games websites, magazines, newspapers, etc. It enables you and your staff to focus on core business areas and rise above your competitors.

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