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Agile Technology – Software Development Process

Our software development services encompass the complete software development life cycle from idea to deployment and end user utilization. The first key factor for our successful delivery of software solutions is the intimate subject knowledge our designers and developers will obtain about our customer’s business objectives and processes. Our team will meticulously analyze and dissect the requirement and turn them into reliable code.

Another important reason for our success in software development is effective use and implementation of the  Agile Software Development and Scrum in all our internal processes and company culture. The proper use of these amazing methodologies has enabled TransTech LogicSoft to code right its software solutions.









Agile Technology – Software Development Key Success Factor

In the sphere of information technologies and software development, Agile has been widely buzzed recently. The main idea of agile software development is using light but effective rules of project behavior and communication between people.

There are three types of Software Developers who treat Agile in different ways. The first group ignores it; the second group understands its great nature but doesn’t know how to use it; the third group uses it extensively.

The main concepts of the Agile technology are Extreme Programming, Test Driven Development, Unit Testing, and Scrum.

Extreme Programming is a part of Software Development process whose main values are simplicity, communication, feedback, and courage. Twelve practices are described in Extreme programming whose purpose is to bring together the whole team for performing the task successfully.

Test Driven Development represents one of the twelve software development practices which presuppose that test cases are implemented before the final implementation of the software. Modeling of test cases is performed according to Unit Testing principles when software is divided into separate units that can be tested separately.

SCRUM is a methodology of flexible software development of small iterations. As a rule, such iterations are from 1 to 3 weeks long, called sprints. Before launching software development process, a product backlog is formed, where all features of the future product are listed. At the beginning of each sprint, the backlogs are reviewed to form a list to be done in the following sprint.

So in short, Agile Software Development includes Extreme Programming methodologies as its Engineering part and SCRUM as its project management part, which both encourage the similar iterative manner to provide high quality software product in Cost Effective Manner

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