SoftIMPEX ® is a solution, which has been developed to automate creation of Bill Of Entry and Shipping Bills. For Imports and Exports Data to be transmitted to Indian Customs, printing of CheckList, Importer Declaration Form GATT Declaration, and EXIM modules of DEPB Scheme, AR4, Advance Licence, EOU, EPCG,DrawBack various Anexures including Annxure C. etc have been implemented. Adequate care has been taken to minimize the data entry operations. This solution has been designed to reduce human errors, to being almost non-existent, which occur during the entry of the information in the Annexure. Bill Of Entry and Shipping Bills can be created by creating a new job directly in SoftIMPEX. The jobs created for Bill Of Entry and Shipping Bills can be directly sent to Indian Customs though Electronics Data Interchange mechanism. SoftImpex reduces the operational cost by enabling users to file papers at all customs locations online, reducing the processing time and eliminating errors, which are very frequent when done manually at each Custom Stations. Eliminating repetitive data entry reduces the manpower cost.

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